Friday, November 6, 2009

'f' is for failed mouse project

Greetings! Okay so here is the source of the 'bitter' part of the 'sweet. bitter. tart.' blog name (I'm not that bitter really, but if I were, it would be about this). About 10 years ago I had what I thought was a super awesome idea for a story about a mouse who was a chef. I know! He lived in the French countryside and was summoned to Paris by a magnate renegade lemming to cater his annual Cheese Ball. A mouse who cooks in Paris!? Gee, that's a really good idea...oh...enter that whole Ratatouille thing (and insert the sound of a dream dying).

There was also a museum curator cat, and an artist spider who was born without the ability to spin webs, so navigated through his spider life via a series of complicated ropes and pulleys. So if Disney releases a spider movie about a spider who was born without the ability to spin webs, but navigates his way through his spider life via a series of complicated ropes and pulleys I'm going to throw myself off a cliff. Just saying. Anyhoo, here was My Story through some of the pictures.

The End. :)


  1. I wanna go to the Cheese Ball. I own my own tux. Will that help? I still can't figure out how to tie my bow tie though.

    Did the spider cut off his spinnerets 'cause of the unrequited love for a Black Widow of the evening?

    You are amazing.

  2. Hi there

    I came across your lovely blog which I am now following - great drawings! - and thought you might like to take a peek at mine. I live in the French Alps and write about food and renovating our old watermill. Would you be interested in exchanging links?



  3. Oh I love your drawings! definitely a great story, maybe you can come up with a new one that you could sell to Disney or Dreamworks. I have a friend who works there.

  4. You are so sweet! You can't imagine how much this means to me, especially coming from you - your blog amazes me every day (especially since I manage to post something, you know, quarterly) - and every one of your entries is sort of off-the-charts crazy beautiful and talented. I can't thank you enough for the kind feedback. :)

    Okay so I do have a new story in mind about a girl carousel horse who's fabulous but trapped on the merry-go-round pole (I know, right?) but breaks free and becomes a real and happy horse in the wild with no adornment or makeup or hoo ha whatsoever. Not that I can relate to this at all. But still. It's germinating. :)

  5. Thanks so much Sherri!!! I'm looking forward to checking out your blog! : )